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HAIC Ventures

An Exclusive Club

HAIC Ventures is the most complete and the main service offered by Human Action Investment Club. Here, private investment opportunities are presented, analyzed and discussed at length. While HAIC Report and HAIC Insights explore Global Investment Strategies and Macro and Micro Market Trends, HAIC Ventures takes action upon these insightful views and analyses.

Its ventures are not restricted to securities traded in organized markets nor to geography and industry. Basically, anything, anywhere can be an interesting investment. If the opportunity presented is real estate in Cyprus, blue chip stocks in the USA, start-ups in Europe, cattle in South America or precious metals, it does not matter. All that matters is if it fits HAIC’s investment philosophy and HAIC’s global strategic/economic view.

Private placements, private entrepreneurial ventures and private investments vehicles are deeply investigated by the Club. All meetings and discussions are open to online and live attendance, and materials and forums are available through the Club’s intranet (members only).

Its members get access to contrarian and entrepreneurial investment ideas, to HAIC’s team, to its fellow members and, above all, to opportunities usually limited to industry and market insiders.

Currently, due to its selective and limited features, HAIC Ventures is closed to new members. If you are interested, please send and email to info@haic.ventures and you will be notified the next time HAIC Ventures is open to new members.