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The HAIC Report

A Monthly Publication

The HAIC Report is a Global Investment Strategy publication that seeks to investigate a diverse array of opportunities in different industries, cultures, markets and places. It is an in depth analysis of the Macro and Micro trends that shape the ever-changing world and offer entrepreneurial and investment windows of opportunities.

Whether the market is changing because of entrepreneurial actions and consumers’ new tastes or because of governmental intervention, Macro and Micro trends can be explored by the acting man. Identifying and analyzing these movements is the main drive behind of the HAIC Report.

Guided by HAIC’s principle, vision and investment philosophy, the HAIC Report places the entrepreneur at the center of the market processes, understands the distortive power of loose money policies and takes into account the effects of governmental intervention in any of its analyses.

Its inquiries are not restricted to securities traded in organized markets nor to any kind of geography and industry. Basically, anything, anywhere can be an interesting investment. If the opportunity presented is real estate in Cyprus, blue chip stocks in the USA, start-ups in South America or precious metals anywhere, it does not matter. All that matters is if it fits HAIC’s investment philosophy and global strategic view.

The subscribers of the HAIC Report are as global and diverse as the trends analyzed in its issues. It is suited for entrepreneurs and investors around the world who are interested in creative ideas, in international diversification, and above all, in a set of analysis that falls outside of the narrow scope of the allowable opinion of the mainstream financial media, private banks and investment advisors.

*The HAIC Report is monthly published in four different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan). It is a paid internet-based subscription delivered by email (in PDF, ePUB, MOBI and internet link) and published at the Members Only section of the Human Action Investment Club website. Subscriber get access to all past issues through the website.

**It is worth highlighting what the HAIC Report is, and what it is not. Its goal is to discuss Global Investments & Market Strategies and to analyze Macro and Micro Market Trends. It is not a report about advice on which specific stocks one should buy to profit from such trends. In other words, the HAIC Report discusses whether or not it is worth investing in real estate in Cyprus, but it does not tell its readers which specific summer home one should buy to gain from this assessment.

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