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About HAIC

HAIC in a Nutshell

Most business publications, investment clubs, research houses, private banks and entrepreneurial magazines place the subjects of investing and entrepreneurship into separated arenas. They restrict one to public markets and banking products, and the other to high-tech startups and small businesses. Here, at Human Action Investment Club, they walk together.

Such an approach frees HAIC from the traditional molds of the financial industry and allows it to seek entrepreneurial investment opportunities in any form, shape and sector around the world. Providing its members with valuable and actionable Global Investment Strategies, the Macro and Micro Market Trends analyzed and discussed at HAIC give its members the opportunity to explore a diverse array of entrepreneurial investments.

Moreover, with members in Spain, Holland, Germany, UK, Turkey, Egypt, United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, HAIC is not rooted to strictly one place or environment. It is international in its ideas, people and endeavors. From startups in Europe to publicly traded companies in the USA, from real estate in Cyprus to cattle in South America, from corporate bonds to precious metals, from restaurants to mining firms, HAIC is never limited by asset classes nor by geography in its quest for innovative ideas.

However, HAIC is very focused. Its Investment Philosophy guides all of its efforts, analysis and ventures. In short, it values principles over pragmatism. It sees the entrepreneurial action as the heart and soul of society. It is international. It understands the business cycle. It seeks to take advantage of inflationary policies. It pays attentions to capital structures. It sees the market as a dynamic process, and above all, it incessantly searches for strategic positions that allow entrepreneurial investors to profit from market distortions and trends.

With all of that at its core, HAIC offers three products to its members. All different in their goals and features, but all constituted by the same mission, values and ideas. Whether it is the HAIC Insights, the HAIC Report or HAIC Ventures, it is always the same one-firm approach.

HAIC Insights

The HAIC Insights is a free publication that focuses on commentaries and articles about the Macro and Micro Market Trends that influence investments and entrepreneurship around the globe. 


The HAIC Report is a Global Investment Strategy publication that investigates a diverse array of entrepreneurial investment opportunities in different industries, cultures, markets and places. It is an in-depth analysis of the Macro and Micro trends that shape the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship and investments.


HAIC Ventures is the most exclusive service offered by Human Action Investment Club. Here, private investment opportunities are presented, analyzed and discussed at length. While HAIC Report and HAIC Insights explore Global Investment Strategies and Macro and Micro Market Trends, HAIC Ventures takes action upon these insightful views and analyses.

A Message from HAIC’s CIO

Fellow Entrepreneurs and Investors,

The Human Action Investment Club was established with the mission of defying the common perception, challenging the usual molds and maybe even breaking the lens with which many see the World Economy, Entrepreneurship and Investments.

It is an investment club where bold, creative, innovative and, many times, not so popular ideas are investigated at length. Here, entrepreneurship and investing are seen as a unified force. Individual investors and entrepreneurs have access to Global Strategies that do not fit into the narrow range of the allowable opinion of the traditional private banks, and to Macro and Micro Trends that are usually ignored by the financial/business media.

Our members seek analytical discussions and demand theories and views that can easily be put into practice. HAIC delivers that. Like our endeavors, our members and teams are international men and women who do not want to be locked into one industry or scenario. HAIC provides them with alternatives.

When examining the consequences of economic policies, HAIC walks far away from Keynesian fallacies. When analyzing Micro and Micro Market Trends, HAIC avoids the dangers of econometrics. When studying firms and markets, HAIC puts entrepreneurship at its center. In other words, HAIC focuses on the dynamic process of the market.

In terms of the many conflicts of interest that mark the financial and investment industry, HAIC is free of them all. It does not rely on central banks privileges or governmental bailouts, it is not grounded to one country or sector and, most of all, it does not depend on cross-selling and hidden fees.

Hopefully, after joining HAIC, its ideas will resonate and impact your thinking of the Market, and it will help you better navigate the challenges and eventualities of the ever-changing entrepreneurial investment scene.

Sergio Alberich